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diego zuelli - 3000 esposizioni ultrarapide
3000 esposizioni ultrarapide, 2003. Computer graphics, videoprojection, no sound, 2’(loop).


An Eugenio Montale’s poem (Il tuffatore - The diver) talks about the infinite lapse that spans from the diver’s jumping to touching the water. Infinite time like the Zeno’s paradox: Achill and the Turtle. Start and End. But infinite time in-between. Sort of a contradiction, but really true if we think about our internal, subjective way of perceiving, feeling, time.

Cinema, DVDs, old VCR tapes and all kind of film and video works have a finite and precise length of time. I’ve tried to reproduce with those “linear” media the kind of “infinite feeling” that glimpses every now and then in our lives. And the recurring and sometimes obsessive perception that we have of our most inner, deep memories.

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