meccaniche terrestri (2012)

meccaniche terrestri

meccaniche terrestri, 2012
dual channel HD video installation, 3d computer graphics, 2′ 00” each, loop (sound design: Gaia Anna Urbanetto)

As I mostly work with 3D computer graphics, I’m very often asked about the techniques I use in my works. On hearing that everything they saw is fake, they look somehow incredulous or puzzled, as if they couldn’t accept a very well established and renowned technique, used almost in every field: from paper advertising to TV shows and cinema. Now I’m finally showing them (deliberately lying) what they like to think about my work: it’s all true: filmed with a camera, on an actual set, with real lights and props. Showing them a behind the scenes that didn’t actually take place could lead them to think more about how perceived reality is just a common and easy trigger to pull. A cultural, more than visual, trigger.

On two opposite walls, there are two video projections, showing both videos at the same time.

installation view: