tappezzeria (2011)


tappezzeria, 2011
3d computer graphics, HD video, 2′ 18” (loop), stereo sound

A video about a series of combinations between three different materials/surfaces, on three different objects. The soundtrack is a sequence of chords played with three instruments: harpsichord, cello, flute, which interchange one another in time with the three objects appearing on the screen. Commissioned for an exhibition on the connections between photography and other media, I started preparing my work thinking about set photography, and the attitude advertising photographers have towards certain assignments. They change positions, lighting and framing in countless combinations and variant, just to be sure to later be able pick the “best” shot, thus hopefully avoiding any further effort due to some inscrutable client needs. The author gets lost in the process. According to the kind of picture we’re looking at, it is sometimes possible to infer who shot the photo and what the subject meant to them.
What can we gather from a serialized photo shooting like the one described above? And what instead from a computer graphics work?

installation view: