3000 esposizioni ultrarapide (2002)

3000 esposizioni ultrarapide

3000 esposizioni ultrarapide, 2002
computer graphics, videoprojection, DVD, 2′ (loop) – (2009 HD Blu-Ray remastering)

” […] Non si è vista la Terra né qualcosa di essa se la si è vista senza abbandonare il suo movimento. Bisogna girare più velocemente e meno diversamente da lei; lasciar fuggire quel campanile, raggiungerlo, spostarlo, rimetterlo fra le colline che si aprono, nel girotondo dei pioppi che giocano ai quattro cantoni” […]

(Jean Epstein)

This video work revolves around the way we perceive the perspective illusion so common in art since Renaissance. The camera slowly spins around an hollow landscape, showing only thousands of round bales then, from the left, a populus tree comes in. Suddenly, every aspect of this perspective-hints-filled landscape is different: the image switched us to a new way of looking at it, since a new kind of shape has been introduced, giving the view a completely different visual equilibrium.

“We haven’t seen Earth, nor anything of it, if we’ve seen it without letting go of its movement. We need to move quicker and more like it; letting that bell tower flee, reaching it, moving it, putting it back among the hills opening out, in the poplars round dance, playing hide-and-seek”
(Jean Epstein)

installation view: